Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009

Ride Report: Collinston, Utah

Between sessions of pajama church this past Sunday Logan and I went on our first good ride of the year. Saturday, we dialed in Logan's new bike and switched my broke-ass second hand 7-speed STI for my old trusty down tube friction shifters. We had originally planned to ride west across the floor of Cache Valley, taking in the early spring fields and livestock, reminding our legs how to keep a high cadence, but taking it pretty easy. We google mapped a destination, thinking it was just into the foothills.

The battery in my computer is d-e-a-d so when we got to the crest of a hill we checked my phone GPS, not quite there, so we kept climbing. The next time we stopped and checked we were six miles past our original plan in a little town called Collinston.

Collinston is a pretty little bucolic Northern Utah town with everything you would expect - acres upon acres of pasture and fields, expansive porches on quaint farm houses, rusty trucks on blocks in the front yard, and enough carrion to choke a kettle of vultures.

Of course, no good ride would be complete with out peeing on the side of the road while trucks pass, honk, and yell.

While I have been commuting more these past few months, I still have my winter legs (also known as no legs). Logan, on the other hand, was in good form. But the return trip headwind after 15 miles of unexpected climbing was brutal for the both of us. All in all, it was a great early season ride.

Later in the year we want to extend the ride to Brigham City then up the canyon and back to Logan for a 70 mile loop. Good climbs, quick flats, scenic Utah views, everyone is invited.


Riders - Toph and Logan
Bikes - Steel and Aluminum
Distance - 37 Miles - Logan, UT to Collinston, UT and back
Counties - 2
Jerks in Trucks - 2
Unaware Cars - 2
Honking Semis - 1
Road kill - lots
Weather - Perfect