Friday, May 15, 2009

Summer clean up

Ok, as some of you may know I have two old cruisers that i picked up at a garage sale a few summers back and I am finally going to clean em up. There is some rust on the handle bars and I dont know of the best way to get it off. Anyone have any ideas?

Let me know


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

racks are an issue

not in a two block radius did I see any available "official" place to lock up. This was the closest spot to Katie's work.

Monday, May 11, 2009

First Long Ride of 2009

My friend Derek and I set out to spend some much needed time in the saddle, mostly as a butt workout than a leg and cardio (translate climbing) workout, but we ended up getting both.

Route: Out and Back from my house to Olema.

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Seriously guys, if you ever drive to SF, bring your road bikes (or MTB) and let me show you around. This ride was very nice, including the GGB, several redwoods, rolling meadows, a state park, lots o' little towns, a sea breeze and right around 60 degrees F the whole time.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ride Update

I love when I can confidently say that a purchase was more than well worth it and today I am saying it loud and clear...THESE BIKES WERE SO WORTH IT! (not that i didn't know they would be but I'm just letting everyone know.)

Kristen and I have been riding quite a bit but this morning we finally got out on a longer ride. We went out to Avon, Utah and it was beautiful the whole way (sorry no photos). We passed through Paradise and let me just say that it lives up to the name. The town is small and very farm centered. The houses that you pass on the road are amazing! They are all pretty big, but that "farm" big not that "Midway-Switzerland souvenir shop" big. It was definitely fun to ride through.

The road was clear pretty much the entire time and we only had one Douche truck pass us. It was a great ride totalling 32.6 miles. I love bikes.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So to be honest flip-flop wheels have mostly been flip and no flop. The past 3 weeks though I've been flopping the crap out of them. Meaning, I've been riding fixed. Most people that read this are probably thinking big deal, but the way I ride is fast and crazy, so the brakeless fixed aspect is chilling in a pinch. Pinches are a common occurrence for me. Regardless it's been a fun learing curve. Most places are extremely hilly so its a little easier to get the skids going. Also, it took me a while to realize that the skids got easier the farther over the bars I leaned. Its amazing how far you can go over the top of those bad boys. So now skidding is like it was when I was 8 doing it after every forward movement. The joy of skidding and whipping your tire around to the side to turn left or right is just instinctually badass and adoringly juvenille. O, and when I say brakeless I really mean that the brakes are still on there I just try not to use them. I'll make the switch completely soon, maybe.

Friday, May 1, 2009

An Excerpt from an Email


Thank you for your interest in the LOTOJA CLASSIC and for taking the time to submit an online application. This year's response to our open registration period was unprecedented. In fact, most rider categories required a drawing to determine this year's participants.

We hope you are excited to hear that your application HAS BEEN ACCEPTED. YOU HAVE A SPOT IN THIS YEAR'S LOTOJA!"

Oh boy...