Tuesday, December 22, 2009

my own little Collective

Went to a local bike shop to ask for extra bike parts. As soon as I said it was for helping kids fix bikes they were more than generous. They gave me a bunch of cables, a tool box full of bike tools, and discounts on chains and other parts for the kids. T. White's Bikes is the bomb. That night we basically tore down and resembled 4 entire bikes into a working order. Those kids are now experts in bottom bracket maintenence, brake lines, chain breaking, and gear componentry. Good times.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Where do you go from here?

So I just got out of the stakeholder kick-off meeting for the "Central Utah County Bike and Pedestrian Plan" (basically it is the Orem bike plan). It should be a really cool project, the lead firm knows their stuff when it comes to bike plans and Orem and MAG are really supportive.

I'm sure I'll post more about that later, but what I really wanted to post about is Bikely. I'm pretty sure it just uses google pedometer, but you can search for your area and find rides other people like or post your own route. Because it is google pedometer based, it shows you distance, elevation gained/lost and all that sort of fun stuff.

Pretty cool if you are looking for a good route for commuting or some killer hills. It has a handful of good rides around Salt Lake, but it could use some help for sure. Mostly, though, I'm just interested in seeing where you fools ride.

Look Mike! people have even posted rides in Aukland

Thursday, August 27, 2009

An Answer to Mike

A while ago Mike posted about the dearth of bike parking in Aukland. A few days ago the Bike Snob posted about an article in Slate Magazine about bike parking being a way to coax people into commuting by bike. As usual witty criticisms followed.

Because I am a dork, and I am not repulsed by the terms "zoning" and "regulation," I read the article. I was expecting dork talk, but instead I found this awesome video. I seriously can't get over how cool this is. I'm sure it costs some moola, but with $2 billion of the stimulus packing going to over 5,000 bike and pedestrian projects, there has to some money kicking around for an undergound, automatic bike rack. I would like to see it shaped like a dragon, you put the bike up against it's lips and a big, mechanical tongue comes out and it swallows your bike whole. Now that would get people riding more often.

Anyway, enjoy.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Rode out to a little town called Tamaki the other day. Wasn't a massive ride but my ass got sore enough for me to want to take a train home. I need to get some kind of butt pad that isn't paired by destiny to spandex. After riding around an unfamiliar town for a while I stepped up to the platform and waited for the train back to Auckland. The train pulled up and a ticket taker waved me over to the front of the train. Apparently there are only two of these to accommodate any and all bikers. Here in Auckland biker khotspa (yitish) isn't really feverish. The design of the bike stands are pretty cool even though the ticket taker asked a few middle aged women to move so I could collapse the seat they were on for my bike to rest.

The seat-belt was a nice touch and sat with piece of mind.

On separate note, the kids I teach at church need to complete a bunch of biking requirements from the physical preparedness section of their Duty to God Award. So I'm planning a 20 miler and a bike safety course. Any readers or contributors out their that could send some materials my way for bike safety are thanked in advance.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Haters suck these balls.

A little gymnasiam in Germany somewhere produced this. Hipsters need to step it up.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

18 baby!

Every year the League of American Bicyclists (I don't know who they are) ranks states on their bicycle friendliness. This year Utah was ranked 18th. They have a breakdown of how the ranking works, but I don't know if they count mountain bike trails as part of infrastructure, or if they only look at the major population centers, or anything more than what that spreadsheet says. Regardless, given the size of the state and the indifferent nature of our legislature, 18th isn't bad.

I would, of course, like to see more bike lanes, safer intersections, and above all, more aware drivers. However, I am confident enough with my bike handling skills that I feel comfortable in any traffic situation. My tummy and love of sleep are better at discouraging me from riding than lack of infrastructure or jerk drivers. But I am am devoid of any real out of Utah experience.

So here is my question to any of you Rollers (or visitors, if we have any of those) who have experience in states that aren't Utah (I'm looking at Greg, Kai, and Marc in particular); How do the rankings stack up? Is Utah really 23 places better than New York? Is Wisconsin really that much better than than the our great state?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Summer clean up

Ok, as some of you may know I have two old cruisers that i picked up at a garage sale a few summers back and I am finally going to clean em up. There is some rust on the handle bars and I dont know of the best way to get it off. Anyone have any ideas?

Let me know