Thursday, August 27, 2009

An Answer to Mike

A while ago Mike posted about the dearth of bike parking in Aukland. A few days ago the Bike Snob posted about an article in Slate Magazine about bike parking being a way to coax people into commuting by bike. As usual witty criticisms followed.

Because I am a dork, and I am not repulsed by the terms "zoning" and "regulation," I read the article. I was expecting dork talk, but instead I found this awesome video. I seriously can't get over how cool this is. I'm sure it costs some moola, but with $2 billion of the stimulus packing going to over 5,000 bike and pedestrian projects, there has to some money kicking around for an undergound, automatic bike rack. I would like to see it shaped like a dragon, you put the bike up against it's lips and a big, mechanical tongue comes out and it swallows your bike whole. Now that would get people riding more often.

Anyway, enjoy.

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